When life throws you lemons , make LEMONADE !

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GEESH !! It’s been a long time coming! I know , “ Diamond , where you been at “? Where’s the videos ? What happened. Life happened. I took a little break, from my business to focus on myself, my family, my future. If you don’t know I recently separated from my kids father after being together on and off for 7 years. Yeah, I know 7 years and no marriage . But honestly I don’t think marriage was something I was ready for and I think he knew it . There were a lot of factors that’s played into that, that I will discuss in a video later. But after the separation, it was like I had to rediscover myself because for so long my life was revolved around being with this one person. So I went through a phase of “rediscovering “ my purpose ..!for a period of time I lost motivation in everything! My job , my dreams, my future. I was living day by daY. I went from calling of devils , to devils calling me out ! But the GRACE OF GOD HAS ALWAYS COVERED ME ! One day I woke up like what are you doing? You can’t stop now !!! Get up and keep pushing. Trials are going to come , because life will test you. When everything is good , your good. But will you stay focused , stay on the path ? Or will you give up ? I like a challenge , I want to be the best me . So I made it my mission to fight back! I’m not going to wallow in my circumstances. I’m not going to be a victim! But I am going to hold myself accountable. Go back to the blueprint , change a few things and get back to it. The point being no matter what life takes your through or takes from you . NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF THE VISION! Stay focused , continue to fight. We fight for people, relationships, rights, all types of things. FIGHT FOR YOU . Don’t let anything distract you from the vision , the purpose! Cause no matter what , THE VISION WILL PREVAIL ! Stay encouraged! Stay focused , stay hungry!!! Til next time – I AM DIAMOND FLORES 💕

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