Motivational Speaker.
Certified Life Coach.
Social Activist.


I AM DIAMOND FLORES and I am a certified life coach and a motivational speaker. Growing up in the impoverished areas of Indianapolis, Indiana I knew there had to be more to life that what I was seeing every day. My whole life I have always knew I had a passion for helping people succeed. I was always the one encouraging and motivating those around me to reach for the stars. Throughout my life I have held various jobs where I was training, motivating, leading and encouraging people. In working those jobs, I discovered my passion and purpose. Which is to help and serve others. I love serving my community, and those around me in various ways. I turned my passions of serving others into a successful life coaching business helping others find their purpose and began to walk in it.

My Mission

My mission is to develop my clients to be the best version of themselves so that they may walk in their purpose. I believe that is done by the renewing of your mind and transforming the way they see life. I want all my clients to know the power of living an intentional and purposeful life.

My Vision

My vision is to transform each and every client’s life by empowering them with the proper knowledge and encouragement to get them to the next level in their life. I want every client to embrace their uniqueness and the gifts within them to become the best version of themselves. I believe that everyone was created for a purpose and my vision is to see people living and walking.